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The above Photograph depicts the so-called "Execution" of the Sacred Heart by a Republican firing squad is a famous example of "an assault on the public presence of Catholicism".[1] The image was originally published in the London Daily Mail with a caption noting the "Spanish Reds' war on religion."[2] While the Photograph below displays a monument to some of the Catholic martyrs of the Spanish Civil War with the Cross.

The Red Terror[3] in Spain (Spanish: Terror Rojo en España) is the name given by historians to various acts committed "by sections of nearly all the leftist groups"[4][5] such as the killing of tens of thousands of people (including 6,832[6] members of the Catholic clergy, the vast majority in the summer of 1936 in the wake of the military rising), as well as attacks on landowners, industrialists, and politicians, and the desecration and burning of monasteries and churches...

In the course of the Red Terror, 6,832 members of the Catholic clergy, 20% percent of the nation's clergy,[46] were killed.[6] The figures break down the as follows: Some 283 women religious were killed. Some of them were badly tortured.[47] 13 bishops were killed from the dioceses of Siguenza Lleida, Cuenca, Barbastro, Segorbe, Jaén, Ciudad Real, Almeria, Guadix, Barcelona, Teruel and the auxiliary of Tarragona.[47] Aware of the dangers, they all decided to remain in their cities. I cannot go, only here is my responsibility, whatever may happen, so said the Bishop of Cuenca.[47] In addition 4,172 diocesan priests, 2,364 monks and friars, among them 259 Claretians, 226 Franciscans, 204 Piarists, 176 Brothers of Mary, 165 Christian Brothers (also called the De La Salle Brothers), 155 Augustinians, 132 Dominicans, and 114 Jesuits were killed.[48] In some dioceses, the number of secular priests killed are overwhelming: In Barbastro, 123 of 140 priests were killed,[47] about 88 percent of the secular clergy were murdered, 66 percent In Lleida, 270 of 410 priests were killed.[47] about 62 percent In Tortosa, 44 percent of the secular priests were killed.[6] In Toledo, 286 of 600 priests were killed.[47] In the dioceses of Málaga, Minorca and Segorbe, about half of the priests were killed.[6][47]

Source: Wikipedia, but it's noted well that Wikipedia does have some inaccuracies, nevertheless it provides an overview of sources from which one can further study in more details and investigate the true facts. Warning: please note the Spanish Version was clearly written by some Anti-Spanish patronizers and its article attempts to make the Anti-Catholic atrocities seem as some act of trivialities or sneakily as it states "sensational accounts of foreign correspondents stationed in the country":


Wikipedia ought to do better! The Red Terror continues to attack Catholics today.

Anyone that is objective to the matter of Spanish History will easily know that the Catholic Spanish Clergy were targeted by Communist Military Units and died as Martyrs for the Orthodox Roman Religion, and so we say let their blessed memory of good works and pious faith shine throughout Spain and further beyond:

Remember the Catholic Martyrs of the Kingdom of Spain on November 1st & November 2nd:

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, + et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Sancta Maria ad Martyres, ora pro nobis!

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