Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tudors Poppy Ban

Mary by Antonis Mor, 1554

In response to the Sun's article "England beat ban on poppy" :

Did you know? In the Fine Arts Museum El Prado in Madrid, there's a famous painting of Queen Mary I of England aka "Bloody Mary" the Catholic holding the Red Poppy of the Tudors? It's fitting for the event for She was daughter of Queen Catherine of Aragon (Spain) and one-time "Defensor Fidei" King Henry the VIII (England), but I think the Spanish players could argue their right to wear this emblem in memory of Blood Mary while some English players are stirring controversy with their claims before the two National Teams play a "Friendly" on Saturday November 12th, 2011. FIFA is considering a ban of the Red Poppy, but why?

Viva la Roja!