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Secret Files of the Inquisition - Episode 4

Monday, October 10, 2011

THE WAY: Viva La Vida a Los Galácticos! I know Saint James is calling my name...

Viva La Vida a Los Galácticos! I know Saint James is calling my name:

THE WAY is is about human life, culture, and experience going to see
Santiago. You will have the dramatic experience of extraordinary acting
and production. The filmography is wonderful. Thanks to Emilio Estevez
for his dedication to get the job done as Director, and also his role
as Daniel is memorable! The movie should be considered for the Academy
Awards (perhaps Best Screenplay, Director, and Best Cinematography),
really the cinematic scenes and vignettes make you want to go all The
Way to Compostela. I say the adventure can be summed up best in these
words: "You don't choose a life, you live a life." And it's up to
Daniel's dad Tom played by Martin Sheen (Charlie Sheen's & Emilio
Estevez's father in real life) and you'll the audience to find the
meaning of these words of life. Or in other words is it like viva la
vida dreamingly echoing in your mind: I know Saint James is calling my
name? The vocation of Daniel's father is manifest as Tom must find the
Way. Sheen plays Tom very well (some may consider his best film ever),
you may remember his role in the film The Conflict aka Catholics, a
movie about The Miracle of the Traditional Latin Mass in Ireland, well
without spoiling the movie there's a nuisance of that playforwarding
into the form of an Epiphany via Galicia Spain spinning with the
supporting Irish role of Jack played excellently by James Nesbit and
also the supporting figures Joost and Sarah as they go along the Way.
The movie proves Spain is a beautiful place to travel and to find
traditional spirituality of Catholicism. I must say this movie will
attract many Los Galácticos to visit the tomb of the Apostle from
Jerusalem as we can say to the Saint-Bishop "ad multos annos, ad multos

annos, ad multos annos" plus ultra. Good way - buen camino!

@IMDb Viva La Vida a Los Galacticos! I know Saint James is calling my name